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  1. MySQLI Register

    I need this mysqli register if anyone has it or if anyone can make a pdo register suitable for kitsune cheers
  2. Commands

    use http://rile5.com/topic/33134-openglows-a-better-glows-system-for-your-cpps/ and copy the format to fit for bt bg and rg
  3. MySQLI Register

    Hey everyone, if anyone has http://rile5.com/topic/27258-updated-mysqli-registeropencp/ Please attach on this topic since this forum got gayjacked and fucked up its download button, If you wanted to know this is for me to edit to fit Kitsune so I can use it for kitsune Thanks a lot Miles
  4. guys what is the packet sent to update the rank on their playercard from fetching the rank number from the database

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  5. Register does not work

  6. I am reporting this to the police as pedo activity/stalking/harrassing
  7. Rile5 Members in the Same Hotel

    wanks off privately
  8. Steps to be a troll

    ikr lol this is so dumb
  9. Source

    im your n**** not bro thats better
  10. Source

    By striker, a bad thing bout this is mysql connections but you could upgrade it to mysqli or pdo, GalaxySource.zip
  11. Source

    my n****
  12. Source

    There is no "good" OpenCP, the best you can get is Galaxy but there will still be problems.. niggaz!
  13. Register does not work

    You also have to edit C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc. Follow this tutorial http://rile5.com/topic/17183-setting-up-an-as3-server-full-tutorial/ and try again, if you already done that then make sure in your virutalhosts that the directory your pointing your domains to is actually g: e.g. DocumentRoot "g:/xampp/htdocs/media1"and not something else like c:/xampp/htdocs/media1 if it is c:/xampp/htdocs/media1 or something else then correct it to c:xampp/htdocs/media1 otherwise your screwed or someone else will help you from your n**** miles
  14. Register does not work

    no this thread will stay